Presidents Day 2018

Presidents Day 2018 will take place on Monday, February 19th. Presidents Day is a quintessentially American holiday which celebrates both the incumbent Commander-in-chief as well as their predecessors. Though the holiday has undergone some changes in its meaning and purpose, the spirit of the occasion remains the same. Presidents Day is recognized by the federal… Continue reading Presidents Day 2018

Corpus Christi 2018

The feast of Corpus Christi 2018 is celebrated on Thursday, May 31st in the United States. Corpus Christi does not have a fixed date. When Do We Celebrate Corpus Christi? Corpus Christi is celebrated in Roman Catholicism and some other Christian denominations on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday (the first Sunday after Pentecost) on the… Continue reading Corpus Christi 2018

Chinese New Years

The Chinese New Years festival is the most important holiday in China and one of the biggest celebrations in the world. It is an occasion for families to get together to eat traditional foods and follow customs for good luck and health and to celebrate with fireworks and lion dances. Because it marks the end… Continue reading Chinese New Years

National Bird Day

Birds symbolize many of the things that are most important to us, such as freedom, song, bright colors, good cheer and the changing seasons of the year. National Bird Day, observed each year on January 5th, celebrates all of these things and also calls attention to many of the ways in which human activity and human… Continue reading National Bird Day

Universal Children’s Day

Investing in our future means investing in children! What better day than November 20th, Universal Children’s Day, to acknowledge the importance of our children; not just to other adults but to the children themselves? Go ahead and hug a child in your life. Tell them they are important. What Is Universal Children’s Day? On December… Continue reading Universal Children’s Day

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas is known in many countries as Boxing Day. This holiday is predominantly celebrated in the United Kingdom and countries that were once a part of the British empire. December 26th is the official date of Boxing Day, but some countries may celebrate the holiday a day or two later. Many people… Continue reading Boxing Day

Grandparents Day: Everything You Need To Know

Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Historically, Grandparents Day was created and initiated by a couple from West Virginia, Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade along with her husband, Joseph L. McQuade. Marian McQuade wanted this day to be a family celebration to honor all grandparents and to give them the opportunity to… Continue reading Grandparents Day: Everything You Need To Know

World Smile Day

Wherever you go, there are troubles in the world. While the solutions to these problems aren’t easy, there are a few simple things we can do that can help make the world a better place. World smile day might be one of them. Happiness plays a big role in addressing the difficult challenges of the… Continue reading World Smile Day

Printable October 2018 Calendar

Here’s the printable October 2018 calendar, both in landscape and in portrait orientation. You can download them in Word, Excel, PDF, and JPG format. In addition, you can also choose landscape or portrait orientation. You can either use them as they are, or customize them with your own design. For more detailed information about October 2018,… Continue reading Printable October 2018 Calendar

October Holidays

In this guide, we have made a list of the most important and interesting October holidays. Keep reading to discover the dates of these October celebrations and the meaning of October holidays. What Day Is Today’s October Holiday? Date Holiday Name Location Type Meaning 1 Simchat Torah International Jewish Marks the end of a cycle… Continue reading October Holidays

Halloween 2018

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st each year. Halloween 2018 will fall on a Wednesday. This article will offer a brief overview of the history of Halloween, as well as as how it is celebrated around the world. When Do We Celebrate Halloween? Halloween is celebrated on the same date every year. In the United… Continue reading Halloween 2018

May Holidays

This article offers information about some of the most important May holidays. Here you will find the dates of May holidays, as well as details about the significance of these holidays, and how they are celebrated. What Day Is Today’s May Holiday? Date Holiday Name Location Type Meaning 1 May Day World Celebration Varies from… Continue reading May Holidays