Armed Forces Day 2018 | Calendar Table

Armed Forces Day 2018

The United States’ Armed Forces Day annual celebrations will be on the third Saturday of May, 19th May. Armed Forces Day does not have a fixed date. It has a fixed day which is the third Saturday in May every year since its establishment decades ago.

When Do We Celebrate Armed Forces Day?

Armed Forces Day’s celebrations happen on every third Saturday of May which is also part of Armed Forces Week.

Armed Forces Week begins on the second May Saturday and ends on the third Sunday.

Originally, the United States Defense Forces had separate celebration dates for each unit. These were Air Force Day, the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and the US Coast Guard to form the Armed Forces Day. On August 31st, 1949, the Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson unified the celebrations.

The first celebration took place on May 20, 1950. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy marked the holiday a national event.

Why Do We Celebrate Armed Forces Day?

Armed Forces Day honors the service of all the five U.S Military Units. It’s not one of the United States’ ten federal holidays.

The first Armed Forces Day celebration began with a massive turnout of 10,000 troops in Washington D.C, 1000 in Berlin and 33,000 participants in New York City. Since its enactment, people celebrate with parades, receptions, air shows and open houses.

The displays available showcase army uniforms, military families and friends of the army personnel.  Today, celebrations involve the showcasing of military equipment and motorcycle rides that encourage support for the troops.

Some of the themes for Armed Forces Day over the years have been patriotism, security, the power of peace, dedication and devotion. There are educational stands for people to learn about the armed forces.

Armed Forces Day is celebrated by countries all over the world to honor the defense units. In Armenia, the celebrations take place on a fixed day, January 28th. The country honors the formation the country’s first armed forces since independence.

The United Kingdom replaced their Veteran’s Day with Armed Forces Day in 2009. The first celebration took place that year on June 27th. June 27th is the day after the Victorious Cross ceremony of 1857.

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