August Holidays | Calendar Table

August Holidays

In this article, we will talk about some of the most important August holidays in 2018. Some are legal August holidays, some are religious holidays, while some merely fun celebrations that give you something to do in August.

What is Today’s August Holiday?

DateHoliday NameLocationTypeMeaning
3International Beer DayU.S.FunMotto: unite the world under the banner of beer!
5National Sister DayU.S.FunShow the love you feel for your sister.
15Assumption of MaryInternationalChristian/ CatholicCommemoration of Mary’s ascension into Heaven.
19World Humanitarian DayInternationalObservanceUnited Nations created the celebration to honor humanitarian workers.
20Day of ArafahInternationalMuslimThe gathering on Mount Arafah.
20MTV Music Video AwardsU.S.FunShow that awards the best music videos of the year.
26Women’s Equality DayU.S.PoliticalCommemorates the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment
29Saint BartholomewInternationalChristian/ CatholicRemembering the life of Bartholomew, disciple of Jesus.

What is the Meaning of August Holidays?

On August 3rd, many in the U.S. celebrate National Beer Day. It’s plain to see why one would celebrate this holiday in August. There’s nothing quite like drinking a cold one on a hot summer’s day.

On August 5th 2018, many celebrate National Sister Day. National Sister is an August celebration that has no fixed day. However, it is always celebrated on the first Sunday in August. As the name implies, it is a day which celebrates sisterhood.

Christians all around the world consider July 15th one of the most important holidays in Christendom. This August holiday has a fixed date. It celebrates the Assumption of Mary, the day on which, according to Christian doctrine, God raised Mary to heaven. While this August holiday marks the day on which Mary died, most Christians see it as a joyful occassion, they day in which the Virgin Mary took her place in the Kingdom of God.

In the Islamic community, August 20th 2018 is the beginning of the Day of Arafah. This Muslim celebration begins on the 20th of August at sunset and ends on August 21st at sunset. Since the day is calculated according to the Islamic calendar, the day on which it falls is not always the same in the Western Calendar. On this day, Muslims commemorate the Muhammed’s delivered his final sermon on Mount Arafah.

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated in the United States of American each year on August 26th. On this August holiday, Americans commemorate the adoption of the Nineteenth of Amendment to the Constitution. This Amendment explicitly prohibited denying an American citizen the right to vote based on sex.

Any Missing August Holidays?

Is there an August holiday you celebrate that we didn’t mention? Please let us know! Tell us how you observe it and what day in August you celebrate in. And if you’d like to add anything to our brief August holiday descriptions, please do so.

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