National Maritime Day 2018

National Maritime Day

The USA will celebrate the National Maritime Day 2018 on Tuesday, May 22. The annual event honors the U.S. Marines for the sacrifices and contributions on behalf of the American nation. Further, the day recognizes the crucial role the entire maritime industry plays in the service of the nation.

When Do We Celebrate the National Maritime Day?

National Maritime Day is a fixed-date annual observance day, but the federal governments do not designate it as a public holiday.

The event marks May 22, 1819, when the Savannah, an American steamship, sailed to England from the Savannah, Georgia, as the first successful steam power ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

The Congress pronounced May 22 the National Maritime Day on May 20, 1933.

Every year, the U.S. president has to proclaim the observance of the National Maritime Day. The president also calls on the citizens to display the U.S. flag at public places, government buildings, and homes.

Why Do We Celebrate the National Maritime Day?

The National Maritime Day is an opportunity for the U.S. citizens to express gratitude for the benefits America receives from the maritime industry. It is the day to thank seafarers and shipment crews.

Organizations and communities observe the National Maritime Day by hosting special seaport celebrations. Businesses host luncheons and many Americans attend merchant marine memorial services.

For example, the National Maritime Day remembers the approximately 250,000 American Merchant Marines who served in the World War II. 6.700 U.S. marines died, and hundreds of marines suffered detention.

An anchor with a rope strapping around the middle to depict marine life and the image of a boat or ship steering wheel symbolize the National Maritime Day.

The United States is a great “maritime nation” right from the time it was 13 separate British colonies. Americans, therefore, consider the Merchant Marine as the pillar of prosperity, security, and the nation’s foundation. Hence, the Maritime Day is an U.S. time-honored tradition.

The World Maritime Day created by the United Nations (UN) to focus on shipping safety and maritime security falls on Sept 27, 2018.

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