October Holidays | Calendar Table

October Holidays

In this guide, we have made a list of the most important and interesting October holidays. Keep reading to discover the dates of these October celebrations and the meaning of October holidays.

What Day Is Today’s October Holiday?

Date Holiday Name Location Type Meaning
1 Simchat Torah International Jewish Marks the end of a cycle of public readings of the Torah.
7 Oktoberfest Ends Germany Fun Marks the end of Oktoberfest.
8 Canadian Thanksgiving Canada Legal Canadians give thanks for a bountiful harvest.
8 Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day US Federal A celebration of the Indigenous people of the American continent.
12 International Skeptics Day International Fun Celebrating skepticism and sticking to facts.
24 United Nations Day International Observance Marks the day on which the UN Charter came into force.
28 Mother-in-Law Day US Observance A day in which to celebrate mother-in-laws.
31 Halloween International Fun/Religious The eve of All Saints Day

What is the Meaning of October Holidays?

In early October, the Jewish community celebrates Simchat Torah. It marks the end of a cycle of public readings of the Torah, and simultaneously the beginning of a new one. The Simchat Torah is not just a religious celebration, it is also a day of celebrating ones Jewish identity. Simchat Torah does not have a fixed date.

In Germany, people celebrate the end of Oktoberfest in the first weekend of October. As such, the festivity does not have a fixed date, but is also celebrated in October, as the name implies. Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich each year. It is considered the largest Volkfest in the world, with millions of people attending each year. Oktoberfest is the equivalent of a harvest festival.

Canadian Thanksgiving, much like Oktoberfest, was essentially a day in which early settlers of the Canadian region gave thanks to God for a bountiful harvest. Canadian Thanksgiving does not have a fixed date. It is usually celebrated on the third Monday of October. Much like its American counterpart, Thanksgiving in Canada is an opportunity to bring the whole family together. Traditional Thanksgiving food in Canada is similar to that in America, and includes roast turkey, corn, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

Columbus Day in the US represents a commemoration of the day on which Christopher Columbus is said to have reached the Americas, on 12th October, 1492. However, it does not have a fixed date. Columbus Day is generally celebrated on the second Monday of October.

In recent years, it has become a controversial October celebration, given Columbus’ treatment of the natives of the American continents. As such, many states either do no observe Columbus Day, or are replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day, as a way to remember the suffering of the American natives, and as an opportunity to celebrate their vast and varied cultures and heritage.

International Skeptics Day is a fun October holiday that is meant to celebrate skepticism and scientific thinking. It is unclear where this October holiday originated from and why it is celebrated in October.

United Nations Day is celebrated around the world on October 24th. This date marks the adoption of the UN charter on October 24th, 1945.

Mother-in-Law Day is usually celebrated in the US on the fourth Sunday in October. It’s not as popular as Mother’s or Father’s Day, but it has started to gain some traction in recent years. Many consider it just card company holiday, while some actually take this opportunity to celebrate their mother-in-laws.

Halloween started out as a Christian celebration. It was the eve of All Saints Day feast or Hallowmass, which is celebrated on November 1st. All Saints Day is dedicated to all Christian saints, known and unknown. Many speculate Halloween/All Saints Day are actually pagan harvest feast that were integrated into Christian ritual. Halloween is rarely celebrated as a religious occassion nowadays. It is celebrated on an international level and is perhaps one of the most popular October holidays.

Any October Holidays Missing?

Have we left any October holidays out? Let us know in the comments what October celebrations you’d like to see featured on our list. How do you celebrate these October holidays?

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