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Take Your Kids to Work Day 2018

Take Your Kids to Work Day 2018 is celebrated on Thursday, April 26 in the United States and most of Canada. Ontario will celebrate it on Wednesday, November 7. and Australia on Friday, January 7.

When Do We Celebrate Take Your Kids to Work Day?

In the US and most of Canada, the holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of April. and in Ontario on the first Wednesday in November. In Australia, it is always on January 5.

The founding organization, Ms. Foundation for Women, set it on a Thursday in April so that students could return to school on the following Friday to share what they had learned. Since its onset in 1993, the day has remained consistent.

The advisory board acknowledges that the holiday timing sometimes conflicts with school testing days, but they cannot adjust it because it is an international event.

Why Do We Celebrate Take Your Kids To Work Day?

The day was originally celebrated as Take Our Daughters To Work Day in order to develop the goals and self-esteem of girls, whose careers were often an afterthought compared to that of boys. It was meant both as a way to showcase the career world to girls and as a way to show businesses that girls are also future employees.

Although it was only envisioned as a city-wide event in New York City, journalist Gloria Steinem found out about it and mentioned it to a national magazine, making it world famous from its first celebration. The day has been so successful that the program transitioned into its own foundation.

This educational endeavor succeeded in creating more interest for girls in education and professional work opportunities.

The official name of the holiday was changed to include boys in 2003, but even in its first year, businesses included all children with “Take Your Children to Work Day.”

Now, 25 years later, the Take Your Kids to Work Foundation works to empower all children to surpass the limitations of gender roles in the family, work, and community environments.

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