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All Saints’ Day 2018

All Saints’ Day 2018 is celebrated on Thursday, November 1st. All Saint’s Day has a fixed date and is always celebrated on the 1st of November in the U.S.

When Do We Celebrate All Saint’s Day?

In the West, All Saint’s Day is mostly on November 1st. In the East, it is mostly celebrated the Sunday after Pentecost. Oriental churches celebrate All Saint’s Day on the Friday after Easter.

The holiday is a celebration of all the saints that do not have feast days of their own. All Saint’s Day is also called All-Hallomas, All Hallows’ Day, the second day of Allhallowtide (a three day celebration), Solemnity of All Saints, and Feast of All Saints.

It is known that the Catholic church has been celebrating All Saint’s Day since the 7th or 8th century in Britain and Ireland. Some think it is celebrated on November 1st because Samhain, the Celtic festival of the dead, was on the that day. Others think it was a Germanic pagan tradition that was replaced. The Irish (Celts) were celebrating All Saint’s Day on 20th of April back in the early days of the church.

Why Do We Celebrate All Saint’s Day?

All Saint’s Day is a day of remembrance for all of the saints, whether known or not, that do not have their own feast days. It is also a day to remember and show respect to the dead.

On this day, flowers are placed on graves of the dead. In a lot of countries the graves are refurbished by relatives of the deceased along with the placement of flowers.

Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and Guatemala make offerings to the dead. In Mexico, the day is dedicated specifically to “innocents”, children and infants who have died.

While All Saint’s Day is not a public holiday in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, or Canada, many countries in Europe and The Philippines have acknowledged it as a public holiday.

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