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April Holidays

You can read about April holidays in this article. You can see all the important dates in April, as well the signigicance and history of the more important April celebrations.

What Day Is Today’s April Holiday?

Date Holiday Name Location Type Meaning
1 April Fool’s Day International Fun April Fools!
13 Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday USA Observance The day on which Thomas Jefferson was born.
14 Palm Sunday International Christian Jesus arrives at Jerusalem.
19 Good Friday International Christian The day of Jesus’ crucifixion.
21 Easter Sunday International Christian Christians celebrate Jesus’ ressurection.
22 Earth Day International Observance Raising awareness for environmental issues.
23 Shakespeare Day/English Language Day UK/International Observance Celebrating Shakepeaspere’s life and work.
28 Arbor Day USA Observance/Fun Plant a tree!

What is the Meaning of April Holidays?

On April 1st, many countries celebrate April Fool’s Day. Everyone has fallen victim to at least one April Fool’s prank, make them the April fools. Some have probably played a few pranks of their own. It’s unclear where this holiday originates, with each culture claiming different origins.

On the 13th of April, Americans honor the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743. He is one Founding Fathers. While he was not strictly speaking an abolitionist, his opinion of slavery was that it had harmful effects both on slaves and masters, and believed blacks had innate human rights, in spite of the fact that they were mentally and physically inferior to whites. As president, he organized the Lewis and Clark Expendition, and oversaw the purchase of the Lousiana territory.

On April 14, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday does not have a fixed, but is always celebrated precisely one week before Easter Sunday. On this day, Christians honor Jesus and his disciples’ arrival at Jerusalem. Believers awaited Jesus’ arrival with palm leaves, which they spread before him as he entered the city. In many countries where palm leaves are difficult to procure, other native tree branches are used instead, such as willow or yew.

Christians celebrate Good Friday on April 19th in 2019. Good Friday, like most Easter dates, is not celebrated on a fixed day. Good Friday is one the most significant holidays in the Christian faith, as it marks the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified and subsequently died.

On the 21st of April, three days after Good Friday, Christians celebrate Easter Sunday. On this day, Christians believe Jesus rose from his grave, thus proving he was the one true son of God. This day marks a cornerstone of the Christian faith.

People all around the world celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. On this February holiday, people are reminded of the importance of environmental protection and how each and everyone of us can contribute to improving the environment and protecting the planet. You can find out more about Earth Day at earthday.org.

In the UK, April 23 is generally observed as Shakespeare’s birthday. His actual birth date is not known, as there were no public records of birth dates at the time. What we do know is that he was baptized on April 26, and died on April 23. On an international level, the day is known as English Language Day. Special events are usually held at Straford-upon-Avon to celebrate the work of Shakespeare, while around the world events related to the English language are held.

While Arbor Day began as an American celebration, many countries have now established their own Arbor Days. This April holiday is always held on the last Friday in April. The most significant activity of Arbor Day people participate in is planting a tree. Some also take hikes, or clean up parks and forests around their community. It is widely believed that the first Arbor Day was held in the 1870s.

Any April Holidays Missing?

Have we left signigicant April holidays? Are there any fun April holidays you observe? Tell us in the comments! We’d love to hear how you celebrate April holidays!

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