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Black Friday 2017

In 2017, Black Friday occurs on Friday, November 24. Traditionally, Black Friday does not have a fixed date.

When Do We Celebrate Black Friday?

Generally, Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Consequently, the actual date for Thanksgiving fluctuates yearly, hence why Black Friday fluctuates too. The Thanksgiving holiday falls on the fourth Thursday in November. Since 1952, wherever Thanksgiving’s date is that year, Black Friday followed behind. Today, twenty-four states attached Black Friday to Thanksgiving as a two-day holiday.

Why Do We Celebrate Black Friday?

Nicknamed “The Day after Thanksgiving,” Black Friday marks the unofficial start of the Christmas season. Shopping establishments offer tempting markdowns and advertise it weeks in advance. Stores open earlier than normal (3am-6am) in hopes the sales are satisfying enough for the masses to wait in droves. People who loved the sales waited overnight or Thanksgiving Day outside the store in anticipation. When the store opens, the masses rush in and grab the sales before it’s gone. Black Friday doesn’t last long, usually ending between 10am-12pm. This explains the mad dash to grab and go.

Black Friday originated as a Christmas shopping promotion since many businesses treated the day as an extended day off. The strategy worked, and it became a top ten shopping event. In 2003, Black Friday was the most profitable day of the year. It lost the crown in 2004, yet the climax came in 2005 and remained profitable through 2013.

The insane deals caused many fights in stores across the country. To offset the fights, stores opened Friday morning at 12 AM. As time went on, the competitive nature in retail shifted Black Friday sales to Thanksgiving night between 7 PM-10 PM. Continued competitiveness forced retailers to offer deals Thanksgiving Day.

This shift created disinterest in Black Friday among customers while employees complained about working Thanksgiving. Black Friday continued to lose steam in 2014 when online sales from Cyber Monday overtook it as the most profitable day of the year.

While Black Friday is still paramount nationwide, major countries celebrate Black Friday internationally. In fact, countries continue to discover Black Friday as Ukraine embraced the Black Friday tradition in 2016.

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