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We thank you for becoming part of the CalendarTable.com online community. We would like to take the opportunity to share a couple of points with you. Firstly, we want to assure CalendarTable.com users that all the content present on our website has been created and shared in good faith. All the calendar printouts have been created and shared for your personal use. We understand how important it is to have the right tools to keep an organized schedule, and sometimes printouts are the best choice. However, both the calendar printouts and other content present on our website, CalendarTable.com, isn’t 100% fail-proof. We strive to bring highly customizable calendar printouts designs to the table and meet your expectations. The content provided on our website is designed for your personal use only. Thus, we are not liable for any issues that could arise were you to use our content for other purposes.

We also take the opportunity to inform you that CalendarTable.com may use Google Ads. Nevertheless, using Google Ads does not influence any of the content you find on our web page. All content uploaded by the Calendar Table team is created and shared in good faith. Our primary goal is to regularly offer our online community of users up to date calendar printouts. In order to maintain a creative and flexible stance, we do not allow any external influence on the CalendarTable.com content.

This short Disclaimer was created for the CalendarTable.com users and governs our team’s activity. We strongly encourage you to also take a look at the Terms of Use webpage and the Privacy Policy web page. These two sections also govern the good functioning of the CalendarTable.com website. Both the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use provide further insight into the reserved rights and obligations of our users, as well as our reserved rights and obligations. Should you have any questions related to these matters, please contact us via any of the means presented in our Contact Page.