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Father’s Day 2018

Father’s Day is a special day for dads and father figures who get honored by their children. Father’s Day 2018 is celebrated on Sunday, the 17th of June. The holiday does not have a fixed date.

When Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Most countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. Back on July 5th, 1908, people honored over 300 fathers after they lost their lives in a mining disaster. In 1910 the date was changed to June 19th which was the third Sunday of June that year.

President Lyndon B. Johnson made a presidential proclamation, saying people could celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday of June. Later, President Richard Nixon officially signed the holiday into law recognizing it in 1972. People observed it ever since.

Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a highly regarded holiday. It is the day family and society acknowledges fathers everywhere. Children get a chance to appreciate their fathers in different special ways. Other people get to celebrate their father figures on this day. It is a significant day as it tightens the father-child bond.

Generally, the day is a special day where people show love and gratitude to their fathers. Since time immemorial individuals give gifts to their fathers on this day. Other children are creative as they make presents. The most common gifts include getaway vouchers, greeting cards, books, and watches just to mention a few.

Letter writing is a custom that goes a long way to make Father’s Day memorable. Children write letters expressing their gratitude and love for fathers. Other families have a tradition of family get-togethers. Larger families come together to celebrate their fathers. During this get-togethers families bond, party, and make up for lost time.

Another tradition is partaking in all the meals in a day with your dad. It is quite hard, so others enjoy two meals instead. Other people attend organized events during that period. Some kids would rather engage their dads in sports activities organized by schools and clubs.

The holiday is celebrated both in the US and in other countries. However, other countries such as Italy, Angola, and Mozambique celebrate it on the 19th of March.

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