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Flag Day 2018

In 2018, Flag Day will be celebrated on Thursday, the 14th of June. Flag Day is celebrated on the 14th of June every year, regardless of the day of the week. Unlike Independence Day which celebrates the birth of the country, Flag Day celebrates the birth of the country’s flag.

When Do We Celebrate Flag Day?

Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th every year because it was on that day in 1777 that the Continental Congress replaced the British flag with their newly designed flag; featuring 13 white stars, on a field of blue, with red and white stripes.

This holiday is considered an observance holiday and not a Federal holiday, so the date stays fixed each year.

Flag Day was first celebrated in 1886, when Bernard Cigrand made a proposal for the observance holiday. In 1916, President Wilson issued a proclamation that called for the national observance of this day. It wasn’t until 1966 that this day was officially proclaimed ‘Flag Day.’

Why Do We Celebrate Flag Day?

Flag Day is celebrated to remember and honor the birth of America’s flag; a symbol that led to the unity which earned them their freedom. On this day, Americans commemorate the country’s adoption of the original flag. It also happens to be the same day that the United States Army celebrates its birthday.

This observance holiday occurs during National Flag Week, and Americans celebrate in a myriad of ways. It is a time in which citizens reflect upon the country’s foundations; schools focusing lessons on the flag and country, museums putting out special exhibits, and special events occurring all over the country.

Flag Day is a holiday used to remember one of the most important icons of both the American Revolution and the American freedom experienced today.

While June 14th’s Flag Day is an American holiday, there are many places all over the world that have their own Flag Days, like France on July 14th, and Norfolk Island on January 11th. Countries all over the world hold celebrations to commemorate their flags.


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