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Good Friday 2018

Good Friday 2018 will be celebrated on Friday, the 30th of March. Good Friday is always celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a religious holiday celebrated all over the world (mostly by Christians) that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death.

When Do We Celebrate Good Friday?

The ‘good’ in Good Friday comes from the meanings related to ‘pious’ and ‘holy.’ It occurs during the Christian Holy Week. As the date of Easter changes each year, so does the date of Good Friday. Regardless of which date Easter falls on, Good Friday will be two days prior to, on Friday.

This day has been celebrated for centuries. Shortly after the sacrifice of Christ, people began commemorating his death before his date of resurrection, on Easter. It has been a day of remembering his death for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Why Do We Celebrate Good Friday?

Though it is not considered a national holiday in America, it is in most other countries. Some states in the U.S. have accepted the day as a holiday, but it is not celebrated national. Most other countries consider Good Friday a legal holiday.

There are many countries who allow employees time off during holy week, especially from Good Friday through Easter Sunday. Most families in these places that celebrate Good Friday do so in church, spending most of holy week with fellow Christians.

Since Jesus Christ’s crucifixion plays such an important part in the Christian religion, it is no surprise that there is a specific day to commemorate it. Those who celebrate it can do so in a variety of ways, but usually it is celebrated with the church. There are usually special church services or prayer vigils on Good Friday.

Good Friday is meant as a day of mourning and quiet prayer; to contemplate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and his life. Across the world, candles are extinguished, crosses and paintings are draped, and many fast for the day in order to honor and mourn the death of Christ.


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