March Holidays | Calendar Table

March Holidays

This guide features all sorts of information and trivia facts about March holidays. We include the dates of signigicant March celebrations, and also discuss the meaning behind some of the March holidays.

What Day Is Today’s March Holiday?

Date Holiday Name Location Type Meaning
3 World Wildlife Day International Evironmental Raising awareness for endangered species.
8 Women’s Day International Cause Celebrating women all around the world.
14 Pi Day International Fun 3.14159265359…
17 St. Patrick’s Day Ireland National/Religious Celebrating the patron saint of Ireland.
20 International Day of Happiness International Fun/Cause Remembering to work towards global happiness.
20 Spring Equinox International Fun Equal night and day hours.
23 Puppy Day International Fun Puppies!
29 Major League Baseball Begins US Sports Opening Day of Major League Baseball.

What is the Meaning of March Holidays?

On the 3rd of March, people all around the world are encouraged to consider endangered species and what they can do to protect wildlife. The date was established by the UN as World Wildlife Day, and it’s the largest event of its kind. World Wildlife Day has its own website,, where you can read about the theme of the current Wildlife Day and find out how you can get involved.

On the 8th of March, people celebrate Women’s Day (not to be confused with Women’s Equality Day). On this day, men and women offer gifts to significant women in their lives. In recent years, many also take the opportunity to raise awareness regarding issues that women face on a global scale, from wage gaps, to sexism, to harassment.

March 14 is Pi Day. Pi Day was first celebrated in the US, since the method of representing date, month/day, meant that March 14 would make up the first three digits of the mathematical constant PI (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter). PI Day has been gaining in popularity around the world, with math enthusiasts taking the opportunity to recite as many digits of PI as they possibly can, eat PI and do other pop science and math related activities.

Each year on the 17th of March, Christians celebrate St. Patrick. However, this day is especially significant to Irish nationals. St. Patrick is believed to have been to one who brought Christianity to Ireland. He is also the patron saint of Ireland. One of the most popular legends surrounding St. Patrick is that he banished all snakes from Ireland. It is also said that St. Patrick used the shamrock, the three-leaved clover, to explain the Holy Trinity. He is often depicted holding a shamrock in his hand.

In 2011, the UN put forth the resolution that happiness should be considered a fundamental human goal. The 20th of March was chosen as the International Day of Happiness. Apart from recognizing and being thankful for ones happiness, people are encouraged to find ways of promoting happiness in their communities and on a global scale.

The 20th of March marks the Spring Equinox. On this day, night hours and day hours are equal. Beginning with March 21, day hours will be longer and longer, thus marking the official start of spring.

People worldwide celebrate International Puppy Day on March 23. Each puppy is special, so everyone can take the opportunity to celebrate their special little guy whatever way is most appropriate. If you are not the proud mom or dad of a little fluff, you can take this opportunity to consider rescuing your own little puppy, or donate to a shelter and help a puppy find their forever home.

On the 29th of March, Americans celebrate the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. Major League Baseball Opening Day does not have a fixed date. The season usually starts in March or early April, and ends around October. Since 2016, the Major League Baseball season has been extended, to give players 4 extra days off.

Any March Holidays Missing?

Which March holidays have we left out? Do you have any special way of celebrating your March holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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