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Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day 2018 will be celebrated on Monday, May 28th. Memorial Day is always celebrated on the fourth Monday in May, every year since 1868. It is an American holiday that is celebrated in remembrance of the many people who have died for their country while serving in the armed forces.

When Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Monday of May. While the specific date may change now, the holiday was originally celebrated on a set day of the 30th of May.

It is said that the general selection of spring/summer time for Memorial Day was because people remembered their fallen by decorating their graves with fresh flowers.

Although Memorial Day is derived from Decoration Day, the National Holiday Act of 1971 turned the holiday into a cemented Federal holiday, and has been celebrated on the fourth Monday in May ever since. Decoration Day, which Memorial Day was originally called, was born in 1868 by General John Logan.

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day was created with the purpose of decorating the graves of fallen soldiers and comrades to honor them and remember the sacrifices they made for their country. It was created by a General, amidst the Civil War; a war that tore the country apart. Many Americans lost and wished to honor friends and family members lost.

While it originally began as just a day to place fresh flowers and graves, it has developed into much more. Americans now honor the courageous fallen on Memorial Day with parades, music, barbecues, memorial services, and of course, visiting/decorating graves.

As it is a Federal holiday, most people have the day off from work and spend the holiday with friends and family. It has become customary to don red, white, and blue, and celebrate with parades and memorial services.

Memorial Day is a U.S. Federal holiday and is not celebrated in any other country. There are however, many places around the world that celebrate similar holidays, like Dodenherdenking in The Netherlands, Remembrance Day in England, and Anzac Day in Australia to honor the dead and those who fought for their country.


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