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Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day 2018 will be celebrated on May 13th. The date for Mother’s Day changes each year.

When Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

There is no set date for Mother’s Day, however it always celebrated on Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in each May. The holiday was first celebrated in 1908. The second Sunday in May was the closest Sunday to when the creator’s mother had passed away.

By 1911, all 50 US states celebrated Mother’s Day, although it wasn’t formally recognized as a holiday until 1914.

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day was a holiday created to honor mothers. Anna Jarvis created the holiday in 1908 to honor her mother who had passed away several years before. Her mother had been a Sunday school teacher who once mentioned wishing there was a holiday to celebrate mothers for all they do. This comment was never forgotten by the young Anna, and, at her mother’s passing, honored her mother by founding the holiday.

Each family may have their own way of honoring the mothers in their lives, but a few traditions have become an established part of the observance. Flowers and cards are common gift given to those being honored on this occasion. It is also common practice to take the honorees out for a meal, oftentimes brunch.

Mother’s Day, not mothers’ day, is written as such to show the idea that every mother is unique and should be honored by their own families.

The US celebration of Mother’s Day is not the only celebration of motherhood, although it is one widely observed throughout the world. Many countries have their own holidays dedicated to mothers and quite often this holiday is celebrated alongside International Women’s Day. Some countries have tied their motherhood celebrations to the country’s dominant religion.

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