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Pentecost Monday 2018

In 2018, Monday, May 21st is the date to celebrate Pentecost Monday. Pentecost Monday falls on the day after the Pentecost Sunday, which is the yearly Christian festival commemorating the gifting of the disciples with the Holy Spirit soon after the Messiah ascended into heaven. Pentecost Monday is also called the second day of Pentecost, or Whit Monday.

When Do We Celebrate Pentecost Monday?

Pentecost Monday is always the 50th day in the Easter Season and traditionally the climax of the Holy Easter Cycle festivities that begin on the lent or Ash Wednesday.

Pentecost Monday originates from the Greek word Pentecost, which refers to the 50th day. Whit Monday is the day after Whitsunday or the white clothes that the baptized people wear.

The dates for celebrating Pentecost Monday change every year and depend on the Easter Sunday date, but Christians typically observe the day towards the end of May or early June. Whit Monday is a flexible Christian holiday because the Easter relies on the March equinox and the ecclesiastical approximation.

Why Do We Celebrate Pentecost Monday?

Many nations honor Pentecost Monday in line with the New Testament Christian tradition and teachings stating that the Holy Ghost’s descended on Jesus Christ’s disciples 40 days after His ascension.

In the United States, Pentecost Monday is not a Federal-recognized public holiday.

Whit Monday marks the birthday of the Christian Church. The Eastern Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church still celebrate the event. Prayer rallies and street marches can form part of the Whit Monday, Whitsuntide, or Whitsun Week, which are the extensions of Whit Sunday, or Pentecost Sunday.

Believers started to honor the gift of the Holy Ghost to the disciples of Jesus Christ in the 1st century AD. As per the New Testament, the disciples got the gift of the tongues on the fiftieth day after the Easter date.

Nowadays, Pentecost Monday no longer enjoys the public holiday status in the former colonies of Britain. Recently, Ireland removed Pentecost Monday as a public holiday. France re-classified Whit Monday as a public day in the mid-2000s. The Eastern Orthodox Church retains the ancient Pentecost Monday rituals.

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