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Super Bowl Sunday 2018

Super Bowl Sunday 2018 will occur on Sunday, the 4th of February. The Super Bowl is the championship football game that is played once a year, between the American Football League and the National Football League of the NFL. This championship game is played on the first Sunday of February, every year.

When do we Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl is celebrated on the first Sunday of February. This set time of year hasn’t always been the case however, as the first ever Super Bowl occurred in January of 1967, after an agreement was made in 1970 to join together the AFL and NFL. While arrangements were being made to join the two together, commissioners thought it would be fun to create a game between both sides, to appease fans.

After months of playing each other, teams from both sides begin knocking each out of the bracket until two teams remain. These two teams meet each other at the Super Bowl after a long season, on Super Bowl Sunday.

Commissioners of the NFL eventually chose Sunday as the perfect day to hold the event because the game had gained so much popularity. They wanted to do it on a day that fans could be home to watch it.

Why do we Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday?

Fans and players wait the entire season for the Super Bowl. It signifies the end of the football season, leaving only one winner in its wake.

It has become one of the most popular American holidays, even though it isn’t technically a holiday. Fans celebrate by attending the game, watching the game, making and eating food, and including family and friends. As football has become one of the more popular pastimes in country, it’s easy to see why Super Bowl Sunday has a lot of fans.

The Super Bowl only occurs in the U.S. because it is the only country that has a national football league. There are other championship events all over the world however, that hold just as much popularity and status as a holiday. Soccer in Spain or Hockey in Canada, for instance hold their own over-the-top championship events.


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